Who are we?

We are a Seventh-day Adventist church, and part of this denominational family. 

The 6 S's of our basic beliefs:

Scripture:  The Bible is our book. It's our authority, and we take seriously what it says and consider it the Word of God. - II Timothy 3:16

Salvation:  While we recognize that not everyone who has ever lived has heard the name of Jesus, we do believe that salvation comes through Him. He is God's Son, and and came to this earth here to both die for us, and live for us. - Romans 6:23

Sabbath: As our name implies, we worship on the Bible Sabbath believing this is the day that God made, rested on, blessed, and made holy at the end of the creation week. And to keep the Sabbath, we do more than go to church. From Sundown Friday to Sundown Saturday, we refrain from work and generally more secular activities.  Exodus 20.8-11

Second Coming: Our church started 160+ years ago because the wider church community had largely forgotten that Jesus is coming back to take us to heaven - a literal, visible to all, return. While this is no longer unique to our denomination, you'll find this anticipation is a big deal for us - it drives us to study and try to understand Biblical prophecy, especially the Bible books of Daniel and Revelation. John 14.1-3

State of the Dead: We believe what the Christian faith at large often refers to as soul sleep. That is that when we die, we "sleep" as Jesus put it while he was here on earth, until Jesus comes, then those who "died in Christ" will be raised up to "meet Him in the air". This belief came about largely as our early church studied the Second Coming of Jesus.  I Thessalonians 4.13-18

Sanctuary: This one is rather more difficult to sum up in a sentence or two.  But we think the Old Testament is as important as the New. Not for all it's specific laws... but because it continually is pointing to Jesus. And that is never clearer, or more detailed, than in the Sanctuary Service of the Old Testament Tabernacle. The verse that historically drove us to this study was Daniel 8.14