Spiritual Care

Right from the beginning God could see that we were not meant to do this alone - and that was before sin in the Garden of Eden! Let alone now, when following Jesus has its ups and downs in a difficult world. 

So as a church, we want to pivot to a point where we are intentional about our own spiritual care, and the spiritual care of others. This page, as we develop, will be the hub for this.

  • Pastor Stephen's Top 5 tips for Spiritual Care in the Shut Down

    • 1 - Don't get sloppy. You used to dress up for church before right? And you said you did that for God, not for everyone else coming to church . . .  so . . .  get intentional with your worship - even if you are at home alone. Dress up. Make a big deal out of approaching God. It'll make a huge difference. 
    • 2 -Join in. So, you say you are not good at technology. Well, it might be time to learn. It won't really take much, and it will keep you connected with others. There are YouTube videos for everything - learn how to join a zoom, follow a live stream, and then... even if it is no where near the quality of the latest Reality TV, or even the worst Soap, church community is there, and God and His people are showing up. Join in. 
    • 3 - Remember when phones were used for phone calls? There is nothing wrong with texts and e-mails and even social media can be of some benefit (in small doses!) - but if everyone called three or four people from church, we would stay connected, and you would be connected way more. 
    • 4 - Create something. Be part of the community that shares and teaches God in some way. One of our members has gone all out on Tik Tok, another has made 700+ masks, others have learnt how to livestream really well and got our church up and running. In this local down time, create something to honor God and bring others closer to Him. 
    • 5 - Dive deep. So with all the best intentions in the world the zoom Sabbath School is impossible to navigate, and the thought of watching a screen is terrible and being on one the thing of night mares. Well... you are going to have to be your own Sabbath School teacher, small group leader and preacher. So you better get into the word.  Read more than you watch TV, and study your Bible more than you "read" your Bible. You'll start growing, hearing the voice of God, and who knows what will happened from there. 
    • Bonus - So you don't like the Shut Down. Few do. But it is better to focus on "U" than "I" - otherwise it is worse than a shUt down - yep, I went there. For some reason, we seem to think that because the church building is closed, and social distance the expectation, that we can dive into our own worlds. If doctors and nurses, and politicians, and front line workers, and scientific researchers etc all did that - we'd never get out of this mess. We need to focus on the other... it's what Jesus teaches us. It's how the world works, and it's how we will eventually get out of all this. 

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