All Creating Together

Imagine if you had an idea? And some creation flowed because you let it.

Now imagine a group, a church ~ worshipping. And your idea... your creation bringing color and life to the theology and gathering...

From the pastor

Dear Church,

We've got the LIVEStream going. It's not like being here, but we've managed in some way to keep the church together. We have our elders welcoming and letting you know what's coming up, some lovely music, some chat on the couch... ZEST updates... and a sermon. We've got the formula, and we are managing to get it online. 

But what if church (the LIVEStream and post pandemic) could be more?

I just think there is more out there. A lot more.

You see, church has been pretty good for me these past few months. I've come to the building every week with the up to 10 people all involved in the LIVEStream production. It's small, but there is community there. And its even kinda fun.

Church has always been better when you are involved. When your voice is heard, and you are able to participate in the message, the gospel. 

THE OPPORTUNITY:  There are musicians, poets, artists out there in congregation land. People reflecting on our topic "the Sabbath". People are thinking and responding. But it is all in bubbles around our county. How wonderful would I the to include some of this on-line in church. 

THE PROBLEM: Right now, so much of "church" is happening through me the pastor - more than ever. And we are limited by time constraints here! So, all this talent, communication... all these ideas are staying the Bubbles. 

THE SOLUTION: Don't wait to be asked. Start dreaming. Start creating. Start sharing.