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  • NEW: On-Line Prayer Requests.

    Click This Link.

    Here you can share something you are praying about, and would love your church family to join you in.

    Depending on how you fill the form out, the prayer chain can be activated, and/or shared for praying over on our on-line service each Sabbath. 

  • Giving to God and His Church

    During this uncertain time, your gift means more than ever. There are two ways to give:

    Online:  We receive 100% of your gift, and is safe and secure.  Start on our website here.

    By Mail: We have a PO Box, and this is by far the best way to mail in your gift.  The address is:

    PO Box 2748

    Merced CA 95344

    If you would like a traditional envelope (remember those days!?), contact Pastor Stephen, and he can let you know when he is at the church building - or stop by. He's there quite a bit these days. 

  • Here's the Link the to Churches Zoom Room


    The following gatherings are on Zoom most weeks, and we encourage you to be part of the church this way.

    WEDNESDAY:   Midweek Blessing where we take prayer requests, share together, and then have a short Bible Study from the Gospel of John. 

    SABBATH SCHOOL:   On Sabbath morning, we have Sabbath School together where Pete Wiedemann guides us through this weeks lesson.  The room is open form about 9.55 AM

    CHURCH WORSHIP SERVICE:  We'll keep the Zoom Room going between Sabbath School and church where you can come in and chat with one another. The we'll keep it going throughout the church service, and encourage all users to join in and chat together after the church service. 

    MOST SABBATH AFTERNOONS:  At 4 PM, pastor Stephen and friends gather for chat and fun - and you are welcome to come and join in.


  • When And How We'll Reopen

    Our Elders are putting together the safest gathering we can.  We ask for patience, kindness toward our fellow human, and team effort approach to worshipping God and fellowshipping with each other. 

    UPDATE: The State of California has told churches in our county not to do in building worship services.  So we are all in on the LiveStream!  As a result we will wait a while until we gather formally again. 
  • Wednesday April 29: Conference gives new guidelines moving forward

    The state has said churches can reopen - with quite a few conditions.  On Thursday at 1 PM the conference announced that they would also allow it, if we followed the state and local country mandates, as well as a few interpretations of their own. 

    To give you some idea of what we are dealing with, you can view the summary here

  • Best Way To Get Church Info Right Now

    We are trying to shift this website to being more useful to an isolated membership. So do keep checking back here. 

    But the best way to stay in touch as things shift is by subscribing to the pastors e-mail. He'll be sending one out at lest every Friday morning. If you signed up, and didn't get it, check your junk folder. 

    Click Here to Subscribe.

  • Adventist Official Religious Liberty Response to churches closing down.

    There are some in our denomination that feel being asked to close our churches is against Religious Liberty. Our Pastor is not one of them. But because our natural tendency for many is to see everything in the light of prophecy and end times, it is perhaps understandable that these questions arise. 

    Our church leadership has issued a statement on this topic here

  • Student Aid Application (For Seventh-day Adventist Schools)

    Click the link to find out more about the application process, and for the the application form. 

    Click Here.

At Soquel Camp Meeting 2020


2020 Soquel Camp Meeting has been cancelled. 

2020 Summer Camp has been cancelled.

2020 Youth Rush has been cancelled.

2020 Teen Bible Academy has been cancelled.


You can visit the Conference Calendar.