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  • Our Conference Announces When We Can Return to Church.

    The Central California Conference has announced that our first Sabbath back will be Sabbath May 4. 

    This of course is still somewhat hopeful. We, along with the conference will continue to monitor the situation, but right now this is our working date. 

    In the meantime, we will continue to create the best remote connecting opportunities during our isolation. You can see what is coming up here

    You can also view the CCC announcement here

  • Best Way To Get Church Info Right Now

    We are trying to shift this website to being more useful to an isolated membership. So do keep checking back here. 

    But the best way to stay in touch as things shift is by subscribing to the pastors e-mail. He'll be sending one out at lest every Friday morning. If you signed up, and didn't get it, check your junk folder. 

    Click Here to Subscribe.

  • Friday Nights

    Pastor Stephen and Cindy will be doing a Facebook Live session each Friday evening. We will start around 7 pm.

    Last Friday evenings version can be seen here

  • Adventist Official Religious Liberty Response to churches closing down.

    There are some in our denomination that feel being asked to close our churches is against Religious Liberty. Our Pastor is not one of them. But because our natural tendency for many is to see everything in the light of prophecy and end times, it is perhaps understandable that these questions arise. 

    Our church leadership has issued a statement on this topic here

At Soquel Camp Meeting 2020


2020 Soquel Camp Meeting has been cancelled. 

2020 Summer Camp has been cancelled.

2020 Youth Rush has been cancelled.

2020 Teen Bible Academy has been cancelled.


You can visit the Conference Calendar.