Sermon Series - Feb 11 to April 15

The Bible book of Hebrews is the New Testament book to Old Testament people. So why would we take such a long look at it?

Well, for starters, it's in the Bible. And it gives a broad view of the Salvation offered by Jesus. While Hebrews refers to how the Old Testament revealed Jesus, it also explains what Jesus has been doing since his ascension, and why it matters to us now.

It is our prayer that taking a longer look at this part of Scripture will bless you and this congregation.

Pt1:  -  the Magnificence of Jesus   february 11


Spoke through Prophets. Ministered through Angels. 


Speaks through Jesus, ministers through the Spirit.

We'll take a look at the first Chapter of Hebrews where it reminds us that Jesus was the Son of God and as such could do things no one else could?  Like raise his followers from the dead. Seriously. Let's see what the Bible says about that, and the role only Jesus can play in our resurrection.