Sabbath school   9:30 am

1st Quarter - Study on the Book of Revelation.  (

This is where you can find your church within a church. A group of people to journey through the Bible with on a weekly basis. This Quarter is a great chance to familiarize yourself with this lovely prophetic book. Search below for your options here.

Sanctuary Class - following the Adventist world wide Sabbath school lesson, and usually led out by Dr Sam Loredo.

School Committee Room Class - as the name suggests, it's over in the school, and tag teamed Brad Grant and Rob LeBard. This also follows the Seventh-day Adventist quarterly lesson Study.

Off the Grid - led by LaVon Cronk, this class takes Bible passages, and/or relevant topics and discusses together as they look at life from a biblical perspective.

Kids/Youth Sabbath Schools

Beginners Sabbath School - 9:50 am

We want kids to love church! And build a warm association with God's house, and God's family. This is a fun place for babies, little toddlers and their parents to get together on Sabbath morning.

0-4 years

Kindergarten and Primary - 9:30 am

This is where our kids get to learn stuff, while seeing what following this Jesus might be like. They learn lots of Bible facts through stories and activities in this class.

5 years to 4th grade

Junior High / Senior High Youth Sabbath School - 9:30 am

All of our youth gather at the beginning before dividing into junior high and high school groups. Junior High- 4th to 8th Grade - we introduce the grey, and find out how this God fits in our world. We are very aware that this is often when kids make decisions that affect the direction of their lives, and we want to be supportive in this process. 

Youth - High School - find ways to connect and to lead. Ask not simply what church can do for you, but you’ll discover it is so much more when you ask what you can do for your church. Click here, for a link to the youth curriculum and list of resources.


We also have our midweek activity where 5th to 8th graders, along with high school staffers, enjoy a wide variety of activities.  We meet the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Wednesdays  of each month, as well as go on camporees, campouts, and bike-a-thins etc throughout the year.