The Van Plan

We start by buying a Volkswagen old bus.  We did, and it's a pretty ugly 1971 blue and white version of the iconic vehicle.


Next, we have to turn it into something wonderfully beautiful. Something worthy to represent the hope we share, and cool enough to be remembered by everyone who sees it.  

Everyone INVOLVED in fun gospel sharing!

This is the pastor, and he certainly likes the idea of sharing Jesus this way. He thinks you will too!

The idea is that the van, in its finished state, will be able to do a variety  of ministries at a moments notice. 

So the van will have 9 or 10 or 11 possible configurations:

  1. Sharing relevant readable literature.
  2. Aid runners at the 5k.
  3. Take kids camping or on a Pathfinder trip.
  4. Sabbath afternoon "Park Visits" - that is showing up and telling inspirational stories.
  5. Helping the less fortunate in our society - homeless, hungry, underinsured, etc.
  6. Act as a mascot here in Merced - including college/university campuses at the beginning of sessions.
  7. Available for our members to simply drive around town and in their neighborhood.
  8. Pick up & drop off people for church each Sabbath.
  9. Be a booth at the local Farmer's Market in the summer.
  10. Configured to invite others to church or special event.
  11. Configured for a crowded youth group movie night! 

Do you have any more ideas??!

We don't know how it will look yet!

... But here are some ideas we've gathered from just looking around. 

It HAS to be eye turning, and it has to be used on a regular basis. Used for introductory level actives, and even in more advanced "get to know you" ways.