Every month, one of our church family members brings a cause or something that is deeply significant to them. And they get to s.hare information for the month, along with some way we can help or get involved. 

It can be a project right here in our church... town... denomination... or some corner of the globe. 

Take a look

  • January-March 2019 - Eye's for India

    This is the first project we ever did - and we want to do it again.  $75 enables a dedicated surgeon fix the sight in someone's eye - literally taking a blind person, and giving them sight. This obviously helps the person who is blind, but it also gives freedom to the person assigned to lead that person around. Let's see here in January and February how many people we can help. 

    UPDATE: We passed our goal, and surpassed our previous campaign too. We raised enough money for the It Is Written team to perform surgery's on 75 eyes, enabling 75 people to see.  $8025 was delivered April 22, 2019. Well done church!  



    The idea is this: Someone in the congregation has something they are passionate about, and they are given a month to share their heart, and show us how we can participate in a meaningful way. Scroll down and see some of what has happened in the last year. Then think about how you can get a month to share your heart, with ours.

  • December '16 - Local family project with Shirley

    In December we had a single Dad worthy family who suddenly had nothing.  We tried to change that by setting up the home for him and his children.  While we raised some money, this one was about finding furniture and equipment for the kitchen etc... 

  • November '16 - Part 2 of 2 - PODO prevention campaign in Ethiopia with Renee

    After the water project in Ethiopia is fully funded, we raised money left to give to "Footwork - The International Podoconiosis Initiative. 

    From the web site: Podoconiosis (or simply ‘podo’) is a form of elephantiasis or swelling of the lower leg triggered by prolonged exposure to irritant minerals in red clay soils. There is no infectious or contagious agent: no parasite, no bacterium, no virus is involved. It was classified as a Neglected Tropical Disease by the World Health Organization in 2011.

    An estimated 4 million people in highland tropical Africa are affected with podoconiosis, and evidence suggests widespread endemicity in more than 15 countries throughout the world.

    We had another goal of $2500, which we passed with a total of $2700. 

    You can see more at www.Podo.org.

  • November '16 - Part 1 of 2 - Water project in Ethiopia - with Renee

    Renee Barlow introducing phase-one, the water project in Ethiopia as well as the overflow project to provide shoes for people to avoid getting PODO. PODO is a terrible disfiguring disease of the feet which can lead to amputation. These projects are in support of Tropical Health Alliance Foundation mission projects.

    Renee was gone for a couple of weeks prior to the campaign launch which allowed the congregation to plan a little fun. On the Sabbath of the launch, we wore tennis shoes to church as a surprise for her to let her know that we supported her and were going to hit the ground running. This had a secondary application due to the PODO shoe drive.

    We raised the full $2500 of the goal. 

  • Late October/early November - OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD with Karen

    This project returns in time for this Christmas. 

    Karen has been busy getting people to buy bulk of certain items to make our box packing as efficient as possible. 

    If you want to see wonderful instructions on how to pack a shoebox, head on over to their web site here

  • October '16 - Student Missionary Mailer, With Dennis

    Dennis had a son in Cameroon last year, and a mailed care package was nice to get, but expensive to mail. So this year, we are getting information of a Student Missionary (or 2, which ended up being 3) who might not get a care package from their parents, and we are sending them one! 

    The church raised $779.80, before another envelope showed up with $20.10 to round it up to $800.

  • Late Summer '16 - MIssion Mongolia

    “Once a church has running water and bathroom facilities, they are able to assist their local community by holding free health clinics as well as other community projects.” Ellen Metcalf, MSE - Director of Development. Each well runs about $10,000 dollars. 

    The challenge is to raise $2500 dollars to help with one of these projects. Your participation is needed to make this happen and leave a mark in Mongolia for the gospel. Total funds raised was $3000.

    “...The funds will be applied to the Tolgoit church well project. The town is a little ways out from the capital city so this is a huge deal for them to have running water and actual bathroom facilities. This will enable them to be a community service center and witness through their generosity to the local citizens. We will have a plaque made and deliver it in person next June and bring back some pictures for your congregation. ” Ellen L Metcalf, MSE Director of Development It Is Written.

  • April '16 - Homeless Kits, with Loren

    Loren got together with Mercy Hospital here in Merced to donate a number of things that would be useful for the homeless, and would fit in used Altoid cans. This was both inventive, and effective. And was pretty fun to do!  The original goal was somewhere between 100, and 200 kits.  As well as donations, this project received $300 from the church. 

    This also has been ongoing, with round two supplying another 60 kits. 

  • March '16:  Homeless bags, With Sue

    The call was placed by Sue on our congregation to provide something useful to people living on the street. 1 gallon zip lock bags were purchased, and a list of useful items was provided.

    This project one is on going we have created, and shared 100's of bags. Both to the homeless community of the town, and of our church. 

  • JANUARY - It is written & Eyes for India, with LOren

    For $75 you can give a person sight.  If that person was sitting next to you in the pew at church chances are we'd find the $75 to help a person see. This month - January '16 - Loren has challenged us to provide the necessary funds for 100 people to see.  

    In the end we raised $7,800 - 25% from people with no official association with our congregation. 

    Video from John Bradshaw

    Video from the people who received sight.

  • November - Operation Christmas Child

    with Karen

    We've been doing this for a while now, and we did it again this year!  

    Karen, our guide through this, was hoping for 100 boxes.  By the time we were done at church on Sabbath, we had 96 boxes!  But a few people got together and made the even 100!  Well done church. 

    And thank you Karen for giving us the chance to get involved with this.