Isolation Gathering Schedule - 

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While we are not meeting together in our church building, we are doing our best to facilitate on-line gathering and inspiration. 

  • Communion This Sabbath - 7/11/20

    Watch here starting at 11 AM

    This Sabbath July 11, 2020; we will be having communion. If you would like to partake of this beautiful commemoration, You can come and pick up your grape juice and bread the following days;

      - Thursday 5-7 PM

      - Friday 5-7 PM

    The service on Sabbath morning will begin at 11 AM, and will be live streamed on our Facebook page; you are more than free and encouraged to come together to remind ourselves that Jesus came to die for us. 

  • Adult Sabbath School Lesson - Sabbath 10 AM

    Click here to get in, starting about 9:55 AM

    Sorry we missed last week - The room never started, and so no one could get in! But you bet we'll be here this week. We'll bring you the lesson Study, with Pete, on Zoom. 

    We start a new Quarter this week.  If you don't have a copy of the study, you can view it on-line:

  • StoryTime     Not live, but made available on Sabbath.

    Pastor Stephen's StoryTime has changed things up, and is settling in for the long haul.

    You can see a video update here

    Moving forward, Pastor Stephen will be going through the whole Bible in story form.  As he retells the event in scripture, he'll be adding his own experiences while reminding kids that God loves them very much, His love is real and active and... He has placed a call in their lives. 

    It's no.2 this week, and when ready will be here telling the story of the Crafty Snake.

  • Juniors!    Sabbath at 7 PM

    If you are part of the Juniors Sabbath School, Monika is ready to meet with you on Sabbath afternoon. Contact her or LaVon for details, and if you don't know how to contact them, Contact Pastor Stephen, or LaVon and they will get you in touch. 

  • The Primary Lesson

    Click Here. 

    Rich Aguilera, the son of one of our Spanish members, and a great Sabbath School teacher - is back with his Primary Lesson. 

    This is the link to his July 11 primary lesson review. 

  • Zoom Meeting - Just for Chat

    CLICK HERE For The Zoom Room

    We'll be back Monday - July 13!  Come hang out with with the Zoom Tribe of your church family.

    Last time's scavengers hunt was way more fun than I think anyone predicted! Thank you everyone!

  • The Midweek Blessing Is Back

    Not sure if we've got the word out well this week, but Pastor Stephen thinks we really need this! So he'll be back here.

    Join in on Zoom here:

    It happens on Wednesday at 7 pm. 

  • Bringing In Sabbath

    View Here

    Perhaps we'll be back in the park again this Friday.  You can still watch it in the same place, starting at 7:30 PM.

    Here's the link

Isolation Gathering Schedule - Replay.

While we are not meeting together in our church building, we are doing our best to facilitate on-line gathering and inspiration.  Scroll down to get links to past events.  Or visit the Media Page to see them all.