Prayer . . .   (with the Merced Adventist Church)

Would you like prayer? Would you like for someone to lift you up to God . . .  do you feel far away, and like your prayers are not quite doing it? 

Fill this out, and we'll join you, in your connection, and your requests, to God. 

Pray Along

These are the contacts and requests we have received and have been made public. As a church, you are invited to be part of this prayer space, and lift your fellow followers of Jesus up along the way. 


Please pray for my husband Sharath's salvation. He walked away from Christ, away from our marriage and started worshiping idols (eastern religion). But God has promised me that He will lead him to repentance and use him and me in His work. All I can see is things getting worse, but I walk by faith not by sight. So please pray, I want my husband to accept Jesus and come back to me. God has promised to restore every thing back to me, so I'm waiting patiently. Also, couple of my friends (Jeba and Rose) are sick, please pray for their healing. God bless you all for your ministry. Thank you!


It is very hard for me to ask for help when my husband and I have done the helping for along time. I just would like you to pray for My Husband, Boys and Me. I don't want to go into detail. It is that it has been a real struggle for us for the last few years and the stuff just keeps a coming. I really have liked the bringing in the sabbath on friday nights that the paster and cindy do. I have not been to found of the churches and people up this way. Wish in ways we lived down your way so we could go to your church. Please Pray For Us.


I love the idea of the church praying fo reach other - so I'm praying that we will use this part of the website to help one another. :-)