Dr Milton Teske

Sunday November 21 ~ 5.30 PM

Dr. Milton Teske will be speaking on "killing zombies" at our next seminar which will be this Sunday. Here in the fellowship hall.

If you are interested in this seminar (see details below), please text Beth - 209-617-1793, or e-mail her at sbloredo@sbcglobal.net. She'd love to hear from you and have you attend. 


This event is an in person event and will not be live streamed. 

This seminar's topic:

Zombie Cells

When a cell Can no longer carry on its normal duties for which it is designed, God has designed a built in self-destruct system which causes the complete disintegration of the cell as well as the packaging of its remains for recycling. 

Sometimes because of stress, toxins, chemo, radiation, oxidants or viruses this complex mechanism for "cellular suicide" fails.

When this happens, these non-functioning cells continue to live on. These "living dead" cells are called zombie cells.

They are not only useless for their originally intended purpose, but they now transform into toxin producing zombies that release many pro inflammatory molecules that will damage and destroy the cells in the surrounding tissue. With increasing age, the numbers of these living dead cells can accumulate and are now believed to be responsible for many of the inflammatory degenerative disease of aging.